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Spa Day

If you haven’t seen our Missy & Flo video series, you should watch it now! A series of 8 videos, our coaches share self-care tips in a fun and engaging way. Here’s the fourth video in the series:

Happy Pies, Kelye Rouse-Brown, happiness, coach

In August, my Be Positive evening retreat, based on Gratitude and Positivity, focused on how 40% of our happiness comes from intentional activity and the group ideas generated from the retreat exercise made us feel 100%. I explained how author…

Wholistic Woman partner coaches; life coach; fitness coach; health, wellness

Wholistic Woman Retreats is excited to announce the addition of FOUR new partner coaches to our team! We now have three Wholistic Woman coaches: Carol, Laura, and Kelye, and our roster of six partner coaches: Donna Kettell, Jane Helm, Casey…

Fear, confidence, coaching, courage

What are you afraid of? I have several “top of the list” fears: heights, bees, and certain types of reptiles! These fears are easy to manage. I don’t step too close to the edge of anything that is way up…

Laughing is good for you! Laughing coaches

Do you like to laugh? How do you do it? Are you one who likes to giggle, guffaw, snort… or do you smile quietly when something tickles your fancy? I’ve been thinking about the importance of a good laugh lately….

Tea Time; video; Wholistic Woman

While we do address tough and emotional issues during coaching, Wholistic Woman also has a fun side! If you haven’t seen our Missy & Flo video series, you should watch it now! A series of 8 videos, our coaches share…

hot air balloon ride

Lean towards joy and listening and away from giving advice. This was a great headliner to learning about positivity and happiness in An Introduction to Positive Psychology with Dr. Maria Sirois in beautiful Berkshires, MA. My oldest and dearest friend…

Women playing on slide

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing” ~ George Bernard Shaw I turned 50 this year and as a gift to myself, my family, and my friends, I took the time to…

Wholistic Woman coaches

Our next big retreat is coming up on July 26: the Wholistic Woman Scavenger Hunt! We will explore areas in downtown Frederick with friends and teams, and afterward meet at Brewer’s Alley for dinner! See what the Wholistic Woman coaches…

woman with map hiking

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ~ Helen Keller What do you think of when you hear the word Adventure? Daring…risky…exciting…maybe even a bit scary? Adventures often have an element of the unknown, risk, and perhaps danger….

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