Feeling WHOLE


As the first scholarship recipient for Wholistic Woman Retreats, I want to say thank you. I could never repay the many blessings that I received from this experience.  

I’d like to share my thoughts about the retreat using an acrostic of the word WHOLE because that’s exactly how I felt when I left; not lacking anything. 

Warmth– The warmth of each of the women was incredible. I walked into the retreat knowing no one, but left with friends with whom I hold a special bond that only a retreat like this could give me.

Healing– The topics covered at this retreat while deep, were handled with love and care and with every intention to heal and that’s exactly what they did. 

Overflowing– Whether it was with joy, stress relief (from amazing accommodations and amenities like seated massages), knowledge, or love, I left the retreat feeling full to the brim and ready to share that fullness with other ladies that I believe could use an experience like this. 

Laughter– These women were willing to throw caution to the wind in order to drive home the principles, and key points, of the retreat. Also, taking time to dance and let go a bit had us all smiling and laughing! 

Encouragement–  Not only was I encouraged to be myself, but I was reminded that I am enough. And who doesn’t want to feel that she is enough? 

To the coaches at Wholistic Woman Retreats, all of their affiliates, and especially to Legacy Financial Associates thank you for the trip of a lifetime and for so many memories that I plan to build on for many years to come!

Today’s Author: Caryn Dayhoff is a personal trainer and creator of CREW which stands for Creatively Renewing Every Woman. Visit her website, www.ccdfitness.com or contact her at ccdfitness@gmail.com for more information.


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