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The Wholistic Coaching Coalition is an energetic and dynamic group of certified executive and life coaches dedicated to personal and professional development. The expertise and skillful guidance of this diverse panel of coaches supports the growth of each person who participates in Wholistic Woman Retreats.

Read about our coaches – Carol, Kelye, Laura, Jane, Donna, Kat, Casey, Elisabeth and Kim – here.

What is Wholistic Woman Retreats?

Wholistic Woman Retreats is a community of women dedicated to being their best through personal and professional development activities and programs. We believe that to be great leaders of our lives we must first be self-aware. When we practice knowing and accepting ourselves more we discover choices – to learn, adapt, and grow more fully into the women we want to be.

We are a community of lifelong learners who take time to pause and celebrate our accomplishments in a mutually supportive, fun, positive atmosphere grounded in compassion, empathy, trust, and genuine caring.

What do we offer?

We offer retreats designed for you as well as retreats designed for your group. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! We look forward to serving you!

What does “Wholistic” mean?

A ‘wholistic’ approach to well-being means that we consciously develop our whole selves: body, heart, mind, and spirit. Wholistic Woman Retreats offers fun, enriching, and supportive experiences to encourage your growth as you explore integration of these four aspects of yourself. The practice of Wholistic development enables you to confidently, genuinely, and fully express yourself at work and in all areas of your life.

We practice two key principles:

1) we accept one another for who we are, and where we are right now while
2) encouraging continual growth and to be a ‘works-in-progress.’

We believe that you already have what you need to be whole. We provide guidance and companionship on the journey to more fully be the unique person you were designed to be.

Wholistic women believe that they are continually evolving and are a work-in-progress. We embrace our unique design, with our own strengths and talents, while also acknowledging our imperfections and the need for lifelong learning.

A Wholistic Woman is…

  • Conscious – she is awake and aware
  • Courageous – She acknowledges and moves past her fears
  • Curious – she observes herself, others, and her world to see what she can learn from it
  • Generous – she shares her resources of time, energy, money, and materials with others
  • Gentle – she is compassionate, kind and forgiving to others, and herself
  • Growing – she is aware there is more and embraces an attitude of lifelong learning
  • Healthy – she cares for the body she’s been given
  • Intelligent – she uses her mind to fulfill her purpose in life
  • Loving – she cares deeply for others, and for herself
  • Open – she is welcoming and releases judgment to seek understanding
  • Spiritual – she is connected to God/Higher Being (whatever she defines that to be)
  • Strong – she perseveres and is determined to overcome challenges
  • Supportive – she lifts others up
  • Resilient – she learns from her experiences and uses that knowledge
  • Wise – she trusts her intuition and inner knowing

She shows compassion and empathy to herself and others through greater self-awareness, acceptance, and love to achieve a positive impact on her world.

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Meet Our Coaches

Carol deLaski

Carol is a professional certified coach and owns Clear Choices Coaching. She is also an author and energetic facilitator who is passionate about developing the strengths and resilience of individuals and organizations.

Kelye Rouse Brown

Through KRB Business Solutions, Kelye specializes in communications and leadership, career coaching, and result driven solutions for hospitality and service-oriented clients. She has a mission to enhance others’ lives to feel richer and more complete.

Laura Hall

Through her business, Hall Coaching, Laura seeks to help women create and live the life of their real dreams, hopes and desires.

Jane Helm

Jane is a wealth coach through her company Money Mentor Group. As a strategic, visionary thinker, she inspires people to optimize their full potential while maintaining a focus on their personal financial goals.

Donna Kettell

Donna’s coaching practice, Kettell Coaching, specializes in partnering with women who wish to live a more joyful, fulfilling life that supports all aspects of their well-being.

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