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Journeying from Unconsciousness to Consciousness

Can you remember what it felt like when you awoke this morning? The very moment you came back into consciousness? Was it an all at once moment or did many stages from unconsciousness to being fully awake occur? Let’s take a look at what the definition of awakening means:


  1. (formal) an act of waking from sleep.
  2. an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something. “the war came as a rude awakening to the hardships of life”


  1. coming into existence or awareness. “his awakening desire”

As an Energy Empowerment and Self Acceptance Coach, I have learned that there are many levels of consciousness. The level upon which we choose to operate is up to us, but we must first understand that numerous levels exist. Many of us suffer from internal energy blocks, such as the “nagging inner critic”, and we may be living our lives more from a place of fear than a place of love.

The goal of today’s blog is simply to ask you to wake up. It’s an invitation to help raise your consciousness and awareness of true self and look at how you’re showing up in your own life.

I once attended a workshop on energy where the instructor handed out small green round dot stickers. She asked us to stick them in places we frequented often, such as our bathroom mirror, car rear view mirror, workplace computer monitor, etc. Anywhere we may come across them in our average day. As we became visually aware of the green stickers, in that very moment, we were to imagine a loud thunderous clap of hands and someone saying in a firm voice, Wake UP!

As the days moved forward and I practiced noticing, I became aware I was not awake most of the time. So where was I? Where are you? Was I daydreaming, wrestling with worry, forecasting tomorrow’s events, reminiscing about the past, resting my mind, and who was driving the car if not me?

  • Some of us are sleeping unconsciously thru our lives, with weak personal identities and low self-worth and self-importance. We are not awake, not questioning, and seemingly unaware of all that is happening around
  • Some of us are beginning to awaken to the potential of our true essence by questioning who we are, why we are here, and what purpose our lives truly
  • Some individuals are Awakened, Aware, and Alive! They are choosing to live in the moment by shifting their thinking, their emotions, and their behaviors as needed. In doing this, they are placing themselves in an environment that is supportive as well as anabolic and open to possibility.

The ego is never quiet. It’s always comparing, arguing, or trying to control us. Whether it’s early in the morning, mid-day, or evening, I again invite you to WAKE UP, pay attention, and increase your awareness. From this very moment, begin to choose and notice that actions always create consequences. Shift your words, thoughts, and behaviors. Are they positive or negative? Are you lifting those around you or contributing to the noise pollution with negativity? Transform and learn to let go of the things that no longer serve you well. Challenge yourself by testing new ways. Set a goal to consciously vibrate at a higher energetic level.

Choose the positivity of peace and love. Most importantly, do no harm to yourself or others. Quiet your mind and hear the voice of your higher power. Become more aware of your surroundings and environment. Let your senses engage and come alive. Learn, Grow, Love, and Believe in your TRUE SELF so that you can increase your satisfaction and truly enjoy each and every moment of your unique and wonderful life.

How can you be more awake? Take a look at my suggestions in the lists below:

Take a simple “Wake Up Your Senses” walk

What do you see?
What sounds do you hear?
What is the feel of things around you? Smooth or rough?
Is the temperature hot or cold?
What are the smells in the air? What’s out there that you could taste?

Aids to increase your wakefulness

Adequate sleep and rest
Eating nutritiously
Proper hydration
Exercise and movement
Deep breathing
Sunshine for Vitamin D
Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils
Soothing Music
Proper posture
Comedy and laughter
Gardening activities
(And I’m sure you could add-on to this list…)

Benefits to being Awake

Overall better health
Connectedness to all things
Living with purpose
Reduction of stress, worry, judgment, and conflict
Improved interpersonal relationships
Increased emotional expression
Increased smiling and appreciation
Authenticity of self
Keen awareness of living in the moment
Being a beacon of positivity
Contributing to the greater good of humanity
Acceptance of responsibility for one’s energy level and its contribution to the universe

To learn more about waking up, consciousness, energetic levels, and internal blocks . . . contact me! It’s not a quick fix but rather an education that facilitates a process and practice of change, thus eliminating fear and increasing love. I offer a free 30-minute session to anyone interested.

Through my iPEC training as an Energy Leadership Index Master, I help COURAGEOUS SOULS dissolve their barriers, eliminate blocks, uproot old stories and plant new internal messages. Together we work to clear out the clutter.

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Today’s author: Kat Middleton is a professional certified coach and the founder and CEO of Wholehearted Concepts, LLC. Kat is a Professional Energy Empowerment and Self-Acceptance Coach who specializes in helping clients personally and professionally that struggle with inner doubt, perfectionism and being way too hard on themselves. She is available for private one-on-one coaching as well as group workshops, seminars, and speaking events. Learn more about her at her website:

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