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Capture Your Creativity Again


If I were to ask ten people how they’re creative, I’m willing to bet I would get at least five different responses – but the most common response would be “I’m not creative.” Far too many people believe that they need to write a bestselling novel or paint a masterpiece to be considered creative. In an Adobe study on creativity and education, 78% of survey participants said they wish they had more creative ability.

We are all creative, whether we write, paint, draw, sing, or dance. Creativity is part of our essential makeup as humans, and the desire to create something meaningful is a motivation for many.

Why do so many people believe they aren’t creative? Part of it may be the comparison trap, which Wholistic Woman coaches have written about previously. We are too afraid to create because we’re afraid of judgement, whether our own or from others. Certainly many creative people fall into the comparison trap and may lose the desire to create out of a belief that they don’t stack up or that their creativity is inadequate.

creativev, creativity, courage, Wholistic Woman RetreatsAnother reason may be that creativity is an act of bravery. It takes courage to create, and to be creative. It takes courage to share your creations with others, which opens you up to potential rejection and criticism. Accessing and utilizing your creativity may at times be frightening, not just for the potential rejection of something you have worked hard on, but also because you are making yourself vulnerable. You’re likely expressing your inner self, inner desires and fears, and those aspects of yourself which are normally kept hidden.

However, once you find yourself tapping into your creativity, don’t you find it hard to stop? That’s because your creativity serves a need within you. It fulfills that desire to create, and allows you to consciously or unconsciously explore different sides of yourself.

How are you creative?

In what ways do you invite creativity into your life?

A common refrain these days is “I don’t have time for that.” We’re all filling our lives with busy: home and school and work and social life and kids and on and on and on. The world, and our daily lives, are filled to the brim with “I’m busy, so I don’t have time.”

Pause. Breathe. Just reading that paragraph probably started flooding your brain with everything you have to accomplish today, or this week, or this month. But I’m going to tell you something revolutionary . . . here it comes . . . you do have time.

creativity, Maya AngelouMost of us forget that we make time for the tasks, events, and people who we feel are important to us. Our creative pursuits often take a back seat to work because we need to pay our bills, and that’s perfectly fine. I’m guilty of it myself. I haven’t written nearly as much in my books as I had planned because running my own business consumed my life for the last year. But you know what?

I allowed it to.

I allowed work to take over because I felt it was necessary in order to do my job right, and to do it well. So I neglected my writing, and now I’m finding that was a mistake. All self-blame aside, I shouldn’t have let myself do that. That creative endeavor helps to inject creativity into my work, which is an absolute necessity in what I do. By neglecting my creative passion, I had begun to shut myself off to the creative well inside me, and all because I convinced myself I had no time or energy.

We make time for what we consider important in that moment. Of course, some things must and will always take priority, such as caring for children or family members, ensuring a roof over one’s head and food on the table, etc. But do you consider your creative pursuits important? Or have you let them slide in favor of other things?

If you have let your creativity slide, what can you do to bring those pursuits back into your life?

Wholistic Woman Retreats invites you to be courageous with us at the Be Creative Retreat on March 3. Explore your creativity and perhaps even find new ways of expressing your creative side at this full-day signature retreat! Learn about intuitive painting, integrative nutrition, self-compassion power pages, and so much more with our coaches. We look forward to seeing you there! More details and registration here.


Today’s blog is written by one of our alliance partners, Kira Tregoning. Kira is the owner and founder of Maia Media Management, a local social media business. She offers social media management, consultations, and training, as well as video filming and editing, proofreading, and manuscript critique services. Kira is also a published author with multiple fantasy novels available on Amazon and more on the way. Learn more about her at

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