Laura Hall

VP of Communications, Wholistic Coaching Coalition, LLC
Hall Coaching | 301-639-4216

Laura Hall is a certified professional coach whose business, Hall Coaching, was established in 2009 with the vision of waking women up from the nightmares of “How did I get here?” and “Is this as good as it gets?”, so that they can begin creating and living the life of their real dreams, hopes and desires. In 2014 Laura became a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator. As the mother of 2 girls, Laura has a special interest in coaching parents, so if you still have children living at home, ask Laura about her Wholehearted Parenting programs.

Laura and her husband Bill have been married for 25+ years. They have 2 young adult daughters, who fill their life with fun and excitement and yes, sometimes stress and drama! Laura grew up in Frederick County Maryland and can’t imagine living anywhere else right now. For fun, Laura enjoys spending time with her friends and family, learning new things, and sipping on a good cup of coffee, decaf of course. Not long ago, Laura would have described herself as fearful and anxious. Today, courageous would more aptly describe her and she is always practicing daring greatly.

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