Be Coached – Evening Retreat

Join us for round table topic discussions led by the Wholistic Coaches to expand your self-awareness using the WWR tools taught throughout the evening retreats. Experience group coaching in a safe, comfortable, and accepting environment.

All are welcome! Whether you attended the programs earlier this year or not, this night is designed just for you!

If you missed a ‘Be You’ retreat…this will be your chance to catch up and hear highlights of the topic.


If you attended the original workshop and now you’re ready for more…this will be your chance to check-in and go deeper. You’ll have the opportunity to share where you are being successful putting the tools into practice as well as where you could use further development.

At Be Coached, you will have the opportunity to visit 2 different discussions, so start thinking about the two that are right for you. Tables will fill on a first come, first served basis, so register for the retreat now and plan to arrive early to get your first choice and continue your personal development journey with us.

  1. Be Balanced – Coach Carol will lead a discussion to better understand Wholistic Balance of heart, mind, body, and spirit. She will introduce and review tools to help you achieve the balance that is just right for you.
  2. Be Positive – Coach Kelye will help you understand the science of positive psychology and share tips to become more aware, and intentional, about increasing your happiness levels.
  3. Be Clear – Coach Laura will discuss boundaries, focusing on the challenges and as well as the benefits of setting clear boundaries with friends, families, and at work.
  4. Be Energized – Coach Donna will discuss the benefits of regularly using affirmations; noticing that what we say to ourselves affects our energy and our ability to move forward.
  5. Be Financially Fearless – Coach Jane will help you identify your inner mindset around money and show you how authenticity, gratitude, and calm can radically change your relationship with your finances.

This event is your opportunity to experience what it is like to be coached in small groups. Please consider this your invitation to join our coaches and our dynamic community of women-on-the-grow!

We meet on the second floor of Brewer’s Alley restaurant. Dinner included (cash bar).

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
124 N Market Street, Frederick, Maryland, 21701, United States

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The Wholistic Woman Community is dedicated to empowering women to grow to their personal and professional best through fun, enriching and supportive experiences. Join us at one or more retreats to develop your heart, mind, body, and spirit to be more of your best self at work and in all areas of your life!

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