Be Loved Evening Retreat

When do you feel most loved and appreciated?

What is the best way for someone to let you know they appreciate you? Is it through spoken words, actions, gifts, touch, or time?

What would be the ripple effect if you could more intentionally (and effectively) shower appreciation on your friends, family, and co-workers?

It is a basic human need to be loved and to belong. Unfortunately, we frequently miscommunicate this important emotional need because we ‘speak’ in our own love language rather than the language of our intended recipient.

At this evening retreat, Coach Carol will lead an interactive program about the five different languages of love and appreciation. You will leave with a greater understanding that:

  • There are different ways to communicate appreciation and encouragement to others.
  • Individuals value certain languages more than others.
  • The most effective way to communicate appreciation and encouragement occurs when the message is sent in the language most valued by the receiver.
  • Strategies to be more intentional about showing appreciation to those who are important to you
  • Ways to adapt the five love languages to the workplace and show appreciation more effectively to your colleagues, staff, and clients.
  • Integrating your top 5 strengths with your primary love language

Whether the five languages of appreciation and love are familiar…or brand new to you…you are sure to come away from this retreat with concrete actions to give and receive the love that you need and so richly deserve. Be Loved, my beloved.

                                                                                          (ticket price includes dinner; cash bar available)

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
124 N Market Street, Frederick, Maryland, 21701, United States

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